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Book and magazine writing, editing, design, and production.

Specialties include cooking, health, home, and fitness.​

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Full-service book packaging specializing in editorial, design, and production.

Experience in new book idea  as well as new product creation from re-purposed content.

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Clear, innovative, and persuasive product strategy, branding, and positioning.

Benefit-based communications to attract and retain clients.

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Creative Content & Communications

Founded by Anne Egan, seasoned publishing and editorial director, Creative Content & Communications offers services to publishers, content providers, and small foundations and companies.  We employ a team of experienced marketing and publishing professionals who provide content creation including print and digital articles; marketing communications and design; and book manuscripts, design, and packaging. Each team member brings more than 15 years of experience and has worked on multiple New York Times bestsellers and successful marketing campaigns.


About Anne Egan

Anne Egan is the editorial director and principal of Creative Content & Communications. With more than 25 years of publishing experience, she is an innovative editorial director with over ten million books sold, including multiple New York Times bestsellers. 

Expert in book development and book packaging from idea to printed product, Egan has managed a publishing list with grossing revenue of $30 million annually. She brings a strong track record of team collaboration with brand leaders, creative problem-solving, innovative new product ideation, and deadline-oriented results to all projects to increase sales and reach the target audience.

Egan brings extensive experience in direct-to-consumer marketing, and small business and nonprofit marketing, editing, and writing successful communications for both print and digital promotions.

She began her career as a food editor for numerous women's service magazines including Good Housekeeping and First for Women. She has developed thousands of recipes and edited more than 100 cookbooks including two New York Times bestsellers.